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ON FIRM TRIAL 2017-18:  
Sl No   Crop   Variety   Title   Parameter Assesment   Area (In Acre)   Status  
1.   Paddy   CO-51   Varietal Evaluation of Paddy   1. Plant height at harvest 2. No of Tillers at harvest 3. No of grains/panicle thousand grain weight, grain sq/mtr 4. Yield mt/ha, B:C ratio   1.2   In Progress  
2   Mustard   YSH-401   Varietal Evaluation of Yellow Mustard   New Technology   1.2   Yet to start  
3   Ground Nut   TG-38   Integrated Nutrient Management in Ground Nut with lime.   1. New Technology 2. Days to maturity 3. Yield / B:C Ratio   1.2   Yet to start  
Sl No   Crop   Variety   Title   Parameter Assesment   Area (In Acre)   Status  
1   Cucumber   Tasty   Assessment of performance of different growth regulators on yield of cucumber.   1. No of female flower / plant. 2. No of fruit / plant. 3. Fruit length (cm) 4. Fruit weight (kg/Plant) 5. Yield (mt/ha)   0.975   Yet to Start  
2.   Ginger   Mahima   Assessment on Mini Sett Technology of Ginger.   1. Days taken for sprouting. 2. Sprouting (%). 3. Avg. weight of harvested rhyzome (kg). 4. B:C Ratio. 5. Yield (mt/ha)   0..975   In Progress  
3.   Tomato   Arka Rakshak   Tomato Var. Arka Rakshak ( triple disease resistance to ToLCV, BW and early blight) with staking technique.   1. Disease infestation in % . 2. Yield (MT/ ha) and yield / plant. 3. No of fruit/ plant , avg. fruit weight. 4. Crop duration (days), B: C ratio.   0..975   Yet to Start  
Sl No   Crop   Variety / Species   Title   Parameter Assessment   Area (In Acre)   Status  
1.   Fish   Cirrhhinus Reba / Lachu Fish   Assessment of optimum stocking density of Cirrhinus reba (Laachu fish) in composite fish culture system.   Growth of C. reba, yield. Adoptability with IMC in composite culture system.   2.4   In Progress  
2.   Paddy, Fish   Swarna Sub-1   Introduction of Paddy cum Fish culture in North Tripura District.   Fish yield, paddy yield, growth of fish, survivility.   3   In Progress  
Sl. No   Crop   Variety/Species   Title   Parameter Assessment   Unit (In nos)   Status  
1.   Poultry   Coloured broiler   Introduction of Coloured broiler   Body weight, Egg production.   3   Yet to Start  
2.   Hybrid Napier   CO.- CN 4, CO-BN 5.   Assessment on performance of Hybrid Napier.   Plant height   3   Yet to Start  
3.   Sorghum   CO-FS-29.   Assessment on Perennial Sorghum.   Plant height.   3   Yet to Start  

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