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Sl No   Crop   Variety   Thematic Area   Technology Demonstrated   Area (In Acre)   Status  
1.   Honey Bee Box in Mustard Plot       Role of Honeybee in Enhancing Yield of Mustard in North Tripura   20   Yet to start  
2   Lathyrus   Ratan   Varietal evaluation   Varietal evaluation on low neuro toxin variety of Lathyrus   20   Yet to Start  
3   Pea & Mustard   -     Zero tillage production of Pulse and Oil Seed s in rice fallow.   5   Yet to Start  
Sl No   Crop   Variety   Thematic Area   Technology Demonstrated   Area (In Acre)   Status  
1   Watermelon   Pusa Bedana.   Varietal Evaluation.   Popularization of seedless variety of Watermelon Var. Pusa Bedana. 20   Yet to start  
2.   Marigold   Pusa Narangi   Landscaping/ floriculture.   Commercial Cultivation marigold   8   Yet to start  
3.   Tomato   Arka Rakshak   Production & management technology   Assessment on Staking techniques in Tomato variety Arka Rakshak   8   In Progress  
Sl No   Crop   Variety / Species   Thematic Area   Technology Demonstrated   Area (In Acre)   Status  
1.   Fish.   Giant Fresh water Prawn, IMC.   Fish Polyculture.   Popularizing of Polyculture of Giant Freshwater Prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) with carps.   4   In Progress  
2.   Fish & Duck   Fish- IMC, Duck - Khaki Campbell.   IFS Module.   Duck cum Fish culture.   2   In Progress  
3.   Fish   IMC   Composite fish culture   Composite fish culture.   4   In Progress  
Sl. No   Crop   Variety/Species   Thematic Area   Technology Demonstrated   Unit (In nos)   Status  
1.   Poultry   Dahlem Red X Tripura Black   Breed introduction   Introduction of dual purpose poultry (Dahlem Red X Tripura Black).   10 units   In Progress.  
2.   Fodder crop   BG-2/Deenanath Grass Var.-BD1 & BD2   Fodder production and quality enhancement.   Popularization of Guinea Grass as a fodder crop.   30   In Progress  

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