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1. Aqurium Fish Culture 1 2. Aqurium Fish Culture 2
3. Method of Pabda Cultivation 4. Main disease of Boro Paddy
5. Cultivation of Boro Paddy 6. Fish Farming Calendar
7. Diffrerent disease of Fish and their treatment 8. Diffrerent method of Plant Propagation
9. Goat Management 10. Importance of Azolla in Paddy Cultivation
11. Integrated Culture of Paddy and Fish 12. Rejuvenation of Orange Orchard
13. Seed Production - Carpio 14. Seed Treatment
15. Some Bacterial disease of Animal 16. Success story - Commercial floriculture
Technical Manual
1. Pest and Disease Control of Vegetables (2016-2016)
2. Scientific Fish Cuture Method (2016-2017)
Success Story of KVK North Tripura
1. Success Story on Development of IFS module and popularization of Fish cum Duck farming in North Tripura District.
2. Success Story on “New intervention on Pabda cum IMC polyculture in North Tripura District
3. Success Story Of Farmer Md. Ayub Ali On Azolla Cultivation in North Tripura District.
1. KVK North Tripura Newsletter Volume - I (2012-13)
2. KVK North Tripura Newsletter Volume - II (2014-15)
3. KVK North Tripura Newsletter Volume - III (2015-16)

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